Type I/O Pins LCD I2C SPI RC5 LED-Matrix Key-Matrix Capture Timer Size Status
IO-Warrior24 16 8x32 no ok 1/2 E-Card Discontinued


Technical Details - IO-Warrior24 Starterkit - Discontinued, remaining stock only
  • 1/2 E-Card (100x80mm) with large breadboard area (double sided through plated PCB)
  • All required parts for the operation of IOW24 on board
  • All Ports with labels available next to the breadboard area
  • IR-receiver module (remote control software for Windows and MacOS is in the SDK)
  • Connector for LCD module on the board
  • LED at Port 0.3 for output test
  • Shipped as a kit with all parts shown (actual parts may vary from those on the photo)
  • Special pricing for schools and research institutes

kit iow24 001
IO-Warrior24 Starterkit



Partnumber 1 - Education Status
IOW24-KIT 16,80 € - Remaining stock


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Datasheets and Downloads

  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior24 / 40  
pdf Datasheet Documentation for IowKit  
pdf Application note AN1: Using IO-Warrior with LED matrix  
pdf Application note AN4: Measuring high temperature with IO-Warrior  
pdf Application note AN5: Driving Display Modules with IO-Warrior  
zip Sourcecode Delphi HID-Component Windows
zip Samplecode MathLab Windows
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK Windows
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK Linux
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK MacOSX
zip Samplecode LabView Component and Samples Windows
zip Software Simple I2C Windows
zip Software Simple I2C MacOSX
zip Software Simple SPI Windows