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LW14U-DR LED professional Code Mercenaries Offers a New Approach for Configuring IEC62386 (DALI) Buses with BusMaster
LW16-DR LED professional Code Mercenaries releases DMX/RDM to DALI bridge
(EFY Group)

Low-cost, Waterproof Six-axis Motion Sensor
JW56FR1-WP Electronic Specifier Waterproof, six axis MEMS motion sensor announced
JW56FR1-WP Electronic Engineering Saelig Introduces Waterproof 6-axis Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensor
LW14U-DR LEDs Magazine Code Mercenaries' USB to DALI bridge is mounted on DIN rail to support lighting control
LED-Warrior14 LEDs Magazine Code Mercenaries' I2C to DALI bridge controller is available in multiple formats
LED-Warrior12 LEDs Magazine Code Mercenaries engineers DALI controller with PWM and I2C signal capabilities
for intelligent lighting
LED-Warrior12 electronic specifier LED driver/controller covers topologies up to 36 V
LED-Warrior12 Light Express (IN) 1 to 4 Channel DALI Controller with PWM and I2C S. 9
LED-Warrior11 Light Express (IN) DALI Bus Power Supply S. 24
LED-Warrior10 LEDs Magazine Code Mercenaries will demontrate its LED-Warrior10 PWM LED dimmer at Light+Building
LW09BT-UP LEDs Magazine Code Mercenaries' wireless to DALI bridge enables Bluetooth lighting control
LED-Warrior07 LEDs Magazine Saelig controllers contain DALI protocol to control LED lamps via PWM
LED-Warrior04 LEDs Magazine Saelig LED-Warrior04 LED controllers handle up to four LED lamps using DALI protocol
LED-Warrior04 Sensor Online Four-Channel LED Controllers Contain Complete DALI Protocol
LED-Warrior04 LED Professional Code Mercenaries Adds New 4 Channel Intelligent LED Driver to Its Product Range
LED-Warrior04 EDN Network Intelligent four-channel LED driver offers design flexibility