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Code Mercenaries is a specialist in the field of computer peripherals and LED Lighting / intelligent light.
Our product range includes controllers for keyboards, mice / trackballs, joysticks, encoders as well as interfaces for sensors (I/O).
In addition, we offer LED Drivers and lighting controllers for IEC62386 protocoll (DALI*) and DMX in the form of chips or modules.

*) DALI is a registered trademark of DIIA

If you don't find the desired product in our range, please contact us about a custom solution!
Our modules and starter kits help you to get a quick start with our products and deliver fast results from prototype to finished product.
USB adapter for SPI and I2C interfaces offer an inexpensive solution for connecting sensors, actors and lots of other devices.

Need help with your project? Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our forum at

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  • Sale of remaining stocks of the 24-series of our joystick controllers - all modules -30% - only while stocks last! JoyWarrior24GP32-MOD, JoyWarrior24A8-16-MOD and JoyWarrior24A8L-MOD.
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