The JoyWarrior family is targeted to answer requirements from game controllers to high value industrial input devices.

JoyWarrior28GP32 do supports gamepad like controllers with switches for the directions. The analog variants support 4 or 8 analog axes with 8 or 12 bit resolution. Joystick/mouse hybrids can switch between working as a joystick or mouse.

JoyWarrior chips are also attractive to easily connect sensors to USB.

JoyWarrior56FR1 is a three axis acceleration plus three axis angular rate sensor with USB interface and comes as a ready to use module.

A number of off-the-shelf variants of JoyWarrior cover the most common applications. However due to the various requirements for game controllers these chips can cover only a certain bandwidth of options. Customized controllers which fit specific applications are available on request (production quantities only).



Type Analog Digital A/D Axes Bit/Axis Buttons Matrix Outputs Package Module Status
JoyWarrior28A12L internal 4 12 8 or 16 4x4 4 QFN28, DIL28 Active
JoyWarrior28A12-32 internal 4 12 12 or 32 4x8 QFN28, DIL28 Active
JoyWarrior28A12-16 internal 8 12 8 or 16 4x4 QFN28, DIL28 Active
JoyWarrior56FR1 accel/angular rate 6 16 8 Active


Overview Joystick/Maus-Hybrid

Type Analog Digital A/D Axes Bit/Axis Buttons Matrix Outputs Package Module Status
JoyWarrior28GP32 2 n.a. 12 or 32 8x4 QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active
MouseWarrior28H8L internal 4 8 6 4 QFN28, DIL28 Active


Datasheets and Downloads

  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior28 Module  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior56FR1  
pdf Application note AN2: Connecting switches to analog inputs  
pdf Application note AN8: Tamper Protecting A Kiosk System  
zip Software, Samplecode Softwarebeispiele JoyWarrior Linux
zip Software, Sampecode JoyWarrior56FR1 Software Windows
GitHub Mark 32px Software (On GitHub) Node-Red node for JoyWarrior56FR1