Do you know the situation where all you want to do is connect some very simple electronics to a computer, like a couple relais, switches, or a small display, but the computer has no parallel port or that port is in use by some other device?

Going to USB for such things so far meant you had to develop specific code for a USB enabled microcontroller, going through hundreds of pages of documentation, getting the necessary development system, and finally having to develop a driver for the thing. Using USB to serial adapters is not a good option either, since the adpaters don't have much intelligence and require a lot of programming.

We have a better option!



Type I/O Pins LCD I2C SPI RC5 LED-Matrix Key-Matrix Capture-Timer PWM ADC Package Kit Status
IO-Warrior28 19 4x12 Bit QFN28, DIL28 Coming Sampling
IO-Warrior28L 17 SO24 Sampling
IO-Warrior40 32 8x32 8x16 SSOP48, DIL40 Replacement Active
IO-Warrior56 50 8x64 8x8 16Bit 8x14Bit MLFP56, Modul Active
IO-Warrior24 16 8x32 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued
IO-Warrior24 PV 12 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued


Overview Dongles

Type Based on SPI I2C IO-Pins Capture Timer 3.3V 5V Pullup landing pads Status
IO-Warrior28-DG IO-Warrior28 2 Pullups installed Coming
IO-Warrior56-DG IO-Warrior56 8 Active
IO-Warrior24-DG IO-Warrior24 2 Discontinued


Overview Starterkits

Type I/O Pins LCD I2C SPI RC5 LED-Matrix Key-Matrix Capture Timer Size
IO-Warrior24 16 8x32 no ok 1/2 E-Card
IO-Warrior40 32 no ok no ok 8x32 8x16 no ok 1/2 E-Card
IO-Warrior56 50 no ok 8x64 8x8 no ok E-Card


Getting control of IO-Warrior from your software is very simple. On Windows (XP, 2K, Vista) you can use any programming language to access the libraries, including Visual Basic.

Linux kernel V2.6 and later is supported with an API identical to the one on Windows.

For MacOS X support does not only include a library but even goes so far to support access via AppleEvents. Want FileMaker to open a cash drawer? Just a moment!

To simplify the process of getting your first prototypes up and running we do provide starter kits for the chips (not available for IOW24PV). All the basic components and a few additional ones for initial testing are on the starterkit PCBs.


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf IO-Warrior28 (Preliminary)
pdf IO-Warrior24/40
pdf IO-Warrior56
pdf IO-Warrior24 Dongle
pdf IO-Warrior56 Dongle
pdf IO-Warrior24PV
pdf Documentation IowKit 1.5
zip IO-Warrior SDK Windows
zip IO-Warrior SDK Linux
zip IO-Warrior SDK MacOS
zip Simple I2C Windows
zip Simple SPI Windows
zip Simple I2C MaxOS X
zip Bauteilelibrary for Eagle
zip Bauteilelibrary for Target