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Heckmann-Höfe at Oranienburger Strasse are an architectural ensable typical for Berlin. Three courtyards form a passage from Oranienburger Strasse to Auguststrasse. A mix of cafes, shops, restaurants, manufactories, and the event location "Werkhaus" make a good place for shopping, eating, or just chilling.

hof 01
tunnel 01

The dark, uninviting passage ways to the courtyards did discourage many potential visitors from entering. In 2016 the light designer Soheil (Soli) Teymoori, The Art of Light, was assigned to change this.

A special challenge was to design the lighting in compliance with the conservation rules for the protected historic buildings. The unobtrusive yet highly effective design by Soheil Teymoori convinced the conservation office immediately. Architectural details are emphasied and not covered, attracting attention the the buildings without distracting by the light source.


Since early 2017 Heckmann-Höfe are illuminated in a new,  attractive way. Since then a couple extensions have been made for a total of 260 individually addressable light channels as of today.

The event location "Werkhaus" has a local control console, allowing the rental customer to set their own light scenes while they use the location. 

 touch 01
werkhaus 01 
brunnen 01

Control of the lights is done via 6 IEC62386 buses from a central server computer. The light sources are controlled by LED-Warrior07-02MOD (IEC62386 to PWM-Controller).

The buses are controlled via LED-Warrior14U-DR (Master) and LED-Warrior11-DR supply the bus power.

Light scenes are stored on the server and can be activated automatically, or by remote control via VPN. Several scenes are preprogrammed for seasons, holidays, and other accassions.









The whole system was implemented with standard hardware parts and a customer specific programming.

 lw07 02 mod web    lw11 dr 01    lw14u dr
LED-Warrior07-02   LED-Warrior11-DR   LED-Warrior14U-DR

Fotos: Norbert Michalke, Berlin,

Design- und Lichtplanung: Soheil (Soli) Teymoori, The Art of Light, Berlin