The KeyWarrior100 evaluation board allows to rapidly build samples and small volumes of keyboards with or without mouse function.

A KeyWarrior100 with the basic external circuit is mounted on the 8 by 8 cm board, including the 8 lock LEDs and a RGB LED. It does have a mini USB connector and all the signals of the KeyWarrior100 are available on five connector positions, which can be fitted with headers. This allows the KeyWarrior100 Eval board to be easily used for testing and small volume production.

The 40 lines for the 24 x 16 key matrix are on the largest connector. All 16 general purpose I/Os are on another connector. The mouse function signals are on the third.

If the lock LEDs should be replaced by external LEDs they can be disconnected by cutting PCB jumpers, all eight LED signals are available on a connector. The fifth connector has the PWM and DAC outputs. A RGB LED is connected to the PWM outputs. It can also be disconencted by cutting PCB jumpers.

A configuration softweare for generating the key tables and doing all the settings is available for download.



Type Matrix FN-Keys USB Codes / Key Macros Size Status
KeyWarrior100 Eval 24x16 2 2 240 80 x 80mm Active


Technical Details

  • USB standard, Full Speed
  • 8 status LEDs to indicate lock states
  • 1 RGB LED
  • Pullups on X lines already on the board

Additional details about KeyWarrior100 can be found on the main product page.

kw100 eval board 004
KeyWarrior100 Evalboard



Partnumber 1 - Education Status
KW100Eval 29,40 € Call Active

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Datasheets and Downloads

  Type Download Operation system
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior100  
pdf Datasheet Scancodes KeyWarrior II  
zip Software KeyWarrior100 Editor (Beta) Windows